a step to virtual world

so this is it. me too into the world of blogging. couple of days ago i staryed thinking and thinking what hobby other than one i passionatly pursue in my freetime  now should i start which not only i can boast around and also make some sense and value to others. just then blinked in mind that why dont i start writing  a blogg, thorugh whichnot only i can say heeeeeeeellllllllllllo worlldddd, whazzzzzzuppp an also comment my view on several issues, help myself and fellow dreamers to make it big one day.

so enough now let me introduce me about you.. sorry bout myself. i am a harcore defence and services aspirant who dream of becoming an officer in armed forces OR civil servent one day. now dont ask me why is that. there is a lottttt to explain which i will do through this(picture tho abhi shuru huwa he bosss). my writing skills  5/10 which i feel that  will be improved if i do writing more and more whichwas one of the reasons for starting this. any way . throuugh this blogg i plan to express my views on issues and share things which i experianced and will experience in future. and inspiration for starting this blogg goes to gaurav aggrawal sir who topped Civil service examination last year. his blogg gave me an idea , what should a cse dreamer should do through a blog. and i will do the same and will be in my own way. so thats it pals. will see you around.